Black Diamond Quartz Stud Earrings


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Alchemy Abstract

Cleansing, Illumination, Manifestation, Protection, Enhances Lucid Dreams

Black diamond quartz is the same as Herkimer diamonds except they have more anthraxolite inclusions and they are not exclusively harvested from Herkimer New York. These crystals formed extremely slowly & are close to five hundred million years old. Formation takes place in small solution cavities or vugs. They can also form in larger cavities called pockets these are several feet in diameter. Herkimer diamonds are found clear, cloudy, smokey, and can contain a variety of rare impurities. Some crystals contain anthraxolite or decayed plant life. The anthraxolite resembles bits of black coal within the crystals. The rarest of inclusions is yellow colored petroleum. 

Primary Chakras

  • All

Energetic Properties

  • Extremely beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection, and channeling.
  • Enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting.
  • Due to its ability to balance, quartz is excellent for harmonizing and balancing one's environment.

Meditative Affirmation
My body is filled with healing light and positive energy. I am protected and all is well.

Stone sizes vary between 5mm-8mm

Abstract Alchemy only uses real crystals to make their studs. Please keep in mind that each stone is unique in shape, size, and gradients of color so please allow for slight variations.


How to care for your Chakra Crystal Earrings
Each piece is dreamt up and handmade with care, consisting of natural metals, glass, crystals, stones, plants, and other organic elements. We embrace the naturally occurring imperfections of these materials and are often inspired by them; we hope you are as well.

Due to the organic nature of these pieces, please do not wear any of our pieces in water or during an activity where they may get snagged, dropped, hit, or stressed in any way, as this will diminish the integrity of the piece and significantly reduce the life of the piece.

To maintain the raw look of our studs, they are not drilled or secured with a bezel and instead are held together by two fully cured layers of jewelers adhesive, the first being glue and the second is a hard setting jewelers epoxy, bonding the stones directly to the posts. The glue we use is slightly flexible which makes it generally more resilient than many other super glues which tend to dry too brittle for such a smooth surface.

While this method helps improve the style and over-all durability, it does, unfortunately, render them a bit more sensitive to extreme temperatures and the elements than usual. The warmth from a shower or bath or the repeated use of harsh cleaning chemicals will cause the adhesive layers to expand and contract which can severely diminish the bond over time which is why we advise against this type of exposure. 

Please remember to treat your treasures with love and care!