Biotensor - Adjustable


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Alicja Centre of Well-Being

Adjustable Biotensor easily creates a vortex for clearing objects or the environment.  It moves by linear or circular movement.

Adjustable Biotensor is a very precise version of Biotensor. 

This nice looking dowsing rod is adjustable, which means it can be made longer to increase sensitivity or shorter if you need a 

more stable, sturdy rod. The screw on the top of the handle is intended to allow you to adjust the length but also serves as a spot 

for placing your thumb to achieve a perfect grasp. While working with a circular movement, the spring in the middle of the Biotensor 

helps to create a strong vortex. 

(You can create a left-turned vortex to absorb undesired energies or a right-turned vortex to supply with desired vibrations.)

Made of brass & aluminum with wooden handle.