Broadcasting with Pendulums


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Alicja Centre of Well-Being

The most common way of effecting people, objects and places with energy is Remote 
Dowsing. It allows us to broadcast desired vibrations on distance not only in the present time, but also to the past or future. Traditionally in Europe Remote Dowsing is called Teleradiesthesia. This term, known only to advanced dowsers, has been derived from 3 words: Tele – means distance or remote work, broadcasting. Radius – is a Latin description for “Ray”. Aesthesis – is a Greek word for “Sensitivity” 
To successfully broadcast vibrations we use a witness. A Witness is a sample of the energy we would like to work with. Using a witness allows us to check the compatibility of supplements or define the dosage of even the smallest units (i.e. drops). A pendulum with a witness is called a Witness Chamber Pendulum, since it has a chamber inside to place the witness in. Alicja introduces us to a variety of Witness Chamber Pendulums, as well as to many different ways of working with witnesses – from simple to most complex procedures.