Dowsing- Science or Magic


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Alicja Centre of Well-Being

Over the history of the human race, people have always wanted to explore the unknown, trying to lift the veil between the visible and invisible realms, to be a part of the whole, whatever the “whole” means. Generation after generation has seen wizards, sages, alchemists and scientists dedicate their lives to advancing our knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the higher purpose of life. As a result of it we have today many tools and methods to search for answers to our questions, find lost objects, research new concepts and ideas. 

Dowsing tools, called pendulums, will help you to achieve your goals.

Many people who already dowse have problems with getting true answer. Why? Because not too many dowsing teachers know the real principal of dowsing.

Alicja will take you on the tour through dowsing and its fascinating instruments.