M & M Pendulum


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Alicja Centre of Well-Being

M&M Plus pendulum has been uniquely constructed to emit a wide range of vitamins as well as micro and macro-elements. In its witness chamber smaples of all of these substances are placed to obtain proper vibrations.

It emits (we have mentioned only main ingredients):

  • Vitamins: A, B Complex, C, D, E, K, Folate
  • Micro-elements (Trace elements): Ferrum (Iron) - Fe, Zinc – Zn, Chromium - Cr, Fluorine - F, Iodine - I, Lithium - Li, Silicon - Si, Selenium - Se, Bromine - Br, Nickel - Ni, Copper - Cu, Molybdenum – Mo, Antinomy – Sb and Bismuth - Bi
  • Macro-elements: Phosphorus - P, Calcium - Ca, Magnesium - Mg, Chlorine - Cl, Potassium - K, Sodium - Na as well as:
  • Omega 3 acid
  • Coenzyme Q-10.

M&M Plus Pendulum emits and enhances frequencies crucial to preserve or regain optimal health in a way, which is the easiest to absorb by the system (of the receiver).

To obtain the best results, hold the pendulum (set on the wavelength of the person receiving) over the Solar Plexus Chakra (if treatment is done for someone else) or over the non-dominant hand (if treatment is given to yourself). Mental request is as follow:

  1. Ask: Does (name of the person receiving) need any or all the frequencies, which this pendulum has in its disposal?”
  2. If answer is “Yes”, say: “Please supply (name of the person) with frequencies you have in your disposal in the amounts needed, for as long as it is needed to obtain and maintain optimal health”.

Our mental pre-agreement should always be that the pendulum rotates for as long as the person requires supplementation. 

If you will state (phrase) your request mentioned above in vague or general manner, you can repeat treatment as often as you wish or can. Receiver will get only the amount of specific frequencies, which is needed, hence accepted and absorbed by his/her system.


Warning: M&M Plus pendulum is basic by shape, therefore it MUST be cleared before and after every session (by light tapping against hard surface odd amount of times).