Exploring Your Soul Self: Soul Growth, Life After Death, Intuition with Kevin J. Todeschi Online Class

Kevin Todeschi

  • This class will be offered online through a Zoom meeting. Please register in advance. About an hour before class you will receive an emailed invitation with the login link and/or phone number. You do not need to have your own Zoom account. 

We are not physical bodies with souls but are instead spiritual beings having a physical experience. Far too often in our day-to-day routines we forget our true spiritual nature. We too easily lose sight of the fact that we are here for a reason – we are actually children of the divine who are somehow tasked with bringing spirit into the earth. This 2-hour webinar will explore the soul self beyond the physical body.

Led by the Executive Director and CEO of the Edgar Cayce work (www.EdgarCayce.org), Kevin Todeschi, you will examine what Cayce, the most documented psychic of all time, said about soul growth and how it creates a personal vibration for each and every individual. You will learn THREE TOOLS for soul growth and understand how to incorporate these tools into your everyday in your own life.

The author of Edgar Cayce on Mastering Your Spiritual Growth, Kevin will also explain how both vibration and soul growth are tied into the growth of consciousness and personal intuition, suggesting that our intuition and our spiritual growth are linked. You will also learn intuition “games” for guidance and expanding your psychic skills that you can try at home. Finally, during the webinar, you will explore stories of life after death and hear how those on the other side have managed to communicate with those who have been left behind. 

Edgar Cayce believed that the growth of personal consciousness was the ultimate purpose of our existence on earth. This program will examine ways to expand your personal consciousness and experience your soul self. 


Thursday, November 12
7:00 pm-9:00 pm EST

Kevin Todeschi

Kevin Todeschi

Kevin J. Todeschi, MA, is Executive Director and CEO of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. (www.EdgarCayce.org) and Atlantic University (www.AtlanticUniv.edu), responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Edgar Cayce organizations.

As both student and teacher of the Cayce material for forty years, he has lectured on six continents in front of thousands of individuals. A nationally recognized resource on the interpretation of dreams, he is the author of more 25 books, including The Best Dream Book Ever, Edgar Cayce on Mastering Your Spiritual Growth, Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records, and Dreams, Images and Symbols, which examines more than 2,500 dream images and symbols and 10,000 interpretations.

He is the author of two apps: “Dream Interpretation A-Z Dictionary,” which includes over 1,000 symbols, and the “Edgar Cayce Co-Creation” app, which entails narrated thoughts for each day. A popular spokesperson on spirituality, dreams, and metaphysics, he has appeared on hundreds of news, radio, and cable programs.

Known for his ability to explain complex subjects in a straightforward and easy to understand manner, Kevin is popular for his insight and his sense of humor. One focus of his work has been to assist individuals in seeing how they are very much responsible for creating a better world.

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