Healing with the Elohim Online Class

Joan Ruggiero

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Attuning to the Elohim Lord’s of Creation follows the Sacred Geometry Course because Sacred Geometry sets the stage for learning how to create with the Elohim. In this course, one is attuned to the vibration of each of the 7 Elohim. We will study the 7 Laws of Manifestation as given to us by the Elohim.

The 7 Elohim are mighty Beings of Love and Light. They are known as the Creator Gods, the builders of form. They have given us the 7 steps of precipitation to manifest that which we require. Our solar system and our planet have been formed by the Elohim working with these Universal Laws. Everything that is created from the Heavenly Realms expands into greater perfection and service. On our Earthly Realm everything that is born or created begins to disintegrate and decay unless some self-conscious intelligence commands its sustaining power by conscious decree. In our Ascension process, we are learning to create consciously. The knowledge and application of these 7 Laws will greatly enhance our Ascension.
The moment your attention goes to any perfected being, that moment His/Her Virtue goes out to you. That energy is sent to you in a form of a Ray of Light. This living Flame passes through you and all your outer bodies, thus creating a flow of electrons moving back and forth between you and the Perfected Being. Call on Archangel Michael or any Perfected Being and experience this flow.

As we move through each of the 7 Laws, there will be an Attunement to the Elohim of that particular Ray of Light. We will start working on Ray I, the Blue Flame of Divine Light. This is the Ray of Divine Will. There must be the ‘Will to do’ within your consciousness. The Divine Light of our Attunement will provide the energy to examine any obstacles that delay our endeavors to receive that which we require.

We will release and transmute those obstacles into the Light and allow the Divine Light of the Elohim support us to manifest that which serves us in our Ascension process. 

What do you ‘Will to manifest’ in your life at this time? See it as a ‘Divine Design’ to benefit you and your world. After you have established ‘What you will to manifest’ with the Attunement to Ray I, the Blue Flame of Divine Light, we will continue through learning about the ‘Laws of Manifestation’ of all the 7 Elohim as we Attune to each one. 


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Joan Ruggiero

Joan Ruggiero

Joan Ruggiero M.Ed., Reiki Master has taught at Circles of Wisdom for 20 years. She teaches courses in Melchizedek Method (Levels I-V); Holy Fire Usui Reiki; Holy Fire Karuna Reiki; Lightarian Reiki (Levels I-VI); Magnified Healing (Levels I-III); 7 Sacred Rays Workshop with the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Elohim; Healing with Crystals and Pendulums; Chakra Balancing with the knowledge of the Chakra Archetypes.

Her training began in the early seventies, studying with the Masters from India, including Satchidananda, Baba Muktananda, and Ammachi, as well as studying the disciplines of Pranic Healing with Master Cho Kok Sui, Melchizedek Method with Alton Kamadon, Holy Fire Usui & Karuna Reiki with William Rand, Magnified Healing with Gisele King, and Akashic Record training with Linda Howe. She has also received the transmissions as a healer of the Tibetan Healing System from His Holiness after 3 years of study with Rinpoche Chongtul. Joan is also an ordained minister in the Melchizedek Order.

Workshops: In her Reiki Workshops, Joan shares her deep understanding of the Usui Method of Natural Healing in a supportive environment. She has also studied with Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche the ancient wisdom of Bon Tibetan Healing System. In her Magnified Healing workshops she brings forth the powerful energies of the ancient healer Kwan Yin. Joan has studied the courses of Pranic Healing with Master Cho Kok Sui and brings this knowledge to all classes that she teaches.

Joan has also studied the Melchizedek Method with Alton Kamadon and has taught all 5 levels to numerous students since 2010. She now certifies students who have studied all 5 levels to become Teachers of the Melchizedek Method in a 3-day Workshop Training. In her Melchizedek Workshops, Joan takes you through a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment with the release of old belief systems and programs that limit you. Sacred Geometry, with the Hologram of Love in the pattern of the Flower of Life, is the basis for the Melchizedek teachings.

As a long time student of Eastern Philosophy and Meditation, with over 25 years of experience as a public school teacher, her unique ability to bridge East and West is reflected in her work, and inspired by the belief that we all have the ability to awaken to our own healing power.

Group presentations and workshops are available. For further information about using these beneficial healing disciplines for renewed energy, health, and stress reduction, contact Joan at jruggiero333@gmail.com.

Hear an exclusive interview with Joan on Planetary Spirit Radio:

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Weekend Journey through Our Chakras, Reclaiming Who We Are
December 18, 2015 | Ginny

The Chakra course is powerful: providing balance, healing, and insight into the spiritual realms. Joan moves the course through the functions of the Chakras using movement, vocals, and knowledge to create an all encompassing experience with love and guidance.

Weekend Journey through Our Chakras, Reclaiming Who We Are
December 18, 2015 | K.H.

Joan’s Chakra class is a must for all. She exposes you to many different healing modalities, educates you on each Chakra, and delves into the chakra archetypes. This gives you an in-depth knowledge into these energy centers. As I experienced the sound healing, I could feel each chakra open and balance. I left feeling refreshed and recharged, ready to bring this into my own practice.

Weekend Journey through Our Chakras, Reclaiming Who We Are
December 18, 2015 | Laura

The Chakra class is much more than learning the technicalities of the Chakras. It is an introspection into how my own Chakras are functioning and how to clear and align myself. I came for knowledge and left with an enlightened mind, balanced energy body, and restored energy Chakras. Thank you is not enough for me to say.

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