How to Detect Energy Effects of Stones & Crystals: French & Egyptian Vibrational Testing Methods Cancelled

Robert Gilbert

  • Due to coronavirus concerns, this workshop has been rescheduled for December 4-6. We still suggest that you not purchase non-refundable plane tickets or hotel accommodations until the date is closer and we are sure we can go forward. If you have already registered for the May dates we will be in touch shortly to see if you’d like to move your registration to December, or get a store credit or a refund.
  • Registration for this class is currently only available for those registering for the entire weekend workshop. We may be able to open spots for Friday only attendees as the date gets closer.
  • Robert is offering a full weekend workshop Lost Secrets of Vibrational Grids December 4-6. Friday evening is not included in the weekend workshop fee, so please register for each if you plan to attend both. 

This Friday night workshop will provide an overview of European and Egyptian methods of vibrational testing. 

These methods can detect the invisible energies that create life, health and energetic effects; these energies were known and used by ancient spiritual traditions including the ancient Egyptian Temple Science. 

The focus in this evening intensive will be on how to detect natural Power Spots in the human body and in locations, and how to detect the effects of specific stones and crystals on the human energy field.  

No previous training is required for this evening workshop, and the vibrational testing items needed for the evening will be lent to students for the evening (and will be available to purchase if desired). Those who have previously trained with Dr. Gilbert in his live or online Vibrational Testing courses should bring their tools.The fundamental skills learned in this evening can then be applied during specific practice sessions in the weekend seminar.

This workshop is optional, and is not required to attend the weekend course; however attendees for the weekend who do not have these basic vibrational testing skills will of course observe, rather than participate, during class vibrational testing practices. 


Friday, December 4
6:30 pm-9:00 pm EST


Robert Gilbert

Robert Gilbert

Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. is the Director of the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies, located in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. Dr. Gilbert was formerly a U.S. Marine Corps instructor for the survival of Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Warfare, was the first U.S. instructor for the Clairvision school of Australia, and was the first non-Egyptian to become a certified instructor in BioGeometry.

He has created new methods of vibrational testing of stones to detect artificial treatments and to determine their hidden energetic powers & applications. He teaches live courses internationally, in addition to offering a wide-range of online trainings to students all over the world through

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