Stargate Opening: The Twin Portals of Equanimity & Activity Online Class

Gerri DeSimone, Tony Reis

  • This class will be offered online through a Zoom meeting. Please register at least an hour in advance. About an hour before class you will receive an emailed invitation with the login link and/or phone number. You do not need to have your own Zoom account. 

CELEBRATE THE EQUINOX OPEN TWIN STARGATES The Twin Portals of Equanimity and Activity

Join Gerri Shanti DeSimone and Tony Reis to open twin Stargates Tony has been opening and teaching the phenomena of Stargates since 1996 

STEP OUT! STEP IN!...TO A TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE! WHAT IS A STARGATE: A stargate is an interdimensional portal of space. Similarly, chakras are interdimensional portals of our bodies. Chakras and stargates are natural. Because they're natural their potential is real and penetrating. Their efficacy is relative to our understanding, knowledge, experience and the wisdom we use to work with them.

WHY ATTEND THIS CLASS: To celebrate the Equinox, a day when the earth is in balance between daytime and nighttime. On the Equinox the line between day and night becomes vertical and connects both the north and south poles. A day of balance and equanimity. A moment of refuge with ourselves, one another, the planet and the cosmos. This is an auspicious time to open a stargate and review what Spiritual Activism means to you through the perspectives of both equanimity and activity.

WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO...IN BRIEF: The first Stargate is called Equanimity, the gate to mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in difficult situations. For Equanimity, connect to the archetype of the living Equinox as your personal expression of balance and harmony. The second Stargate is called Activity, the gate to your spiritual activism that expresses you in the world and the cosmos. For Activity, on the planetary level engage the archetype of the Equinox’s vertical line that connects north and south poles. For Activity on the galactic level engage the Pole Star (north star) for celestial navigation. What we do now influences the present and shapes the future. Positive action now can right past “wrongs'' to transform them, and strengthen past “rights” to accelerate our collective evolution out of shadow to light, wisdom and beyond.

WAIT, THERE'S MORE: The more is you. Bring your aspirations and plug them into The Twin Portals of Equanimity and Activity to increase resonant frequency, boost efficacy, reach further, open wider, rise higher, penetrate deeper and illumine brighter for the benefit of ALL. From the Katha Upanishad, India ca.800 BCE Subtler than the organs of perception are the senses. Subtler than this is the mind. Subtler than this is the intellect. Subtler than this is the self. Subtler than this is the underlying cause of all. And subtler still is the True Self. This is the Absolute.  This is the end of all suffering.


Saturday, March 20
2:00 pm-3:30 pm EST

Gerri DeSimone

Gerri DeSimone

Gerri Shanti DeSimone is an accomplished and well-respected spiritual teacher and author who feels inspiring others to “Find Peace Within” is her true purpose. Drawing upon her expertise as a Spiritual Medium, her skills in the practice of Native American and Incan Shamanism, Meditation and Mantra practices, as well as drawing upon Auric Record Clearing, the Guidance of The Divine Light and a variety of other healing methods, she offers her students a wide range of opportunities to Find Peace Within.

Gerri has a formal background in education, with a M. Ed. and B. of Music Education, which has given her an excellent foundation in allowing her students the freedom to think “outside the box” and discover their own truths. Gerri currently facilitates several Spiritual and Psychic Development Support groups offering assistance and guidance to others on their path.

Because of her commitment to Finding Peace Within she has released four Meditation CDs, “The Seeds of Awakening”, “Find Peace Within”, “Love and Light” and “Auric Record Clearing”. These works were inspired from channeled messages, which led to the creation of these inspirational and transformative meditation CDs.

Gerri has also written three books, Reflections of the Sun, The Spiritual Psychic Development Support Guidebook and The Lessons and Meditations from The Stars. All of these offer insights and guidance meant to assist you on your spiritual path.

In addition to her teaching commitments, Gerri is also an incredibly gifted Medium and Healing practitioner who offers her clients a wealth of services including Spiritual/Mediumship readings, Shamanic Auric Record Clearing sessions, and Energetic Space Clearing. She has also appeared on several local radio shows offering insight into the many ways we may Find Peace Within.

Tony Reis

Tony Reis

Tony Reis is a fourth generation spiritual healer and mystic who has been healing, educating and training people and practitioners of the healing arts for more than 50 years.

Tony combines his ancestral healing gifts with 21st century therapies, including bioenergetics, energy therapy and vibrational medicine utilizing the knowledge, understanding and experience gained in his many years of practice.

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