Advanced Spiritual Intuitive Healing Circle In-Person

Wendy Carlson

  • We hope that the July 30th session will be able to be held in person at Circles of Wisdom. We will let you know a few days ahead if it's decided that it needs to be online through Zoom instead. If you have preregistered you will be notified if it's moved to online and you will have the choice to participate that way or get a refund. 

•        Prerequisite to participate in this circle is regular attendance at the Monday night Spiritual Intuitive Development Circle (at least once per month for at least 6 months). Regular attendance at a similar group or past training and practices may qualify as well. Please email Wendy at with any questions about the prerequisite. If you register online and are not qualified, we will refund your payment 
•    Pre-registration is strongly recommended as space is limited to 12 participants due to the individual attention and “hands on healing” format of this circle.
In this circle you will hone your intuitive and healing gifts in a “round robin” format where every participant will have the opportunity to channel and receive guidance, wisdom and healing to and from each member of the group.  

If you are looking to propel your intuition, healing and spiritual growth to the next level, join this amazing group of powerful intuitive healers!. 


Thursday, July 30
6:30 pm-9:00 pm EST

Wendy Carlson

Wendy Carlson

Wendy Carlson is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Shamanic Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher. Her path to teaching and energy healing began, through the pain and frustration of an undiagnosable condition. She began seeing a Holistic Practitioner out of frustration, desperation and fear of potential side effects of the medications she was being prescribed. That decision did more than teach her how to listen to and heal her body. It sparked her soul and started Wendy down the path to becoming an energy healer and educator. 

Wendy is committed to educating people about the benefits of a daily spiritual practice that includes yoga, mantra, meditation, and chakra balancing. She works with clients to release blocked energy and reap the benefits of mental clarity, emotional balance, and physical health. As a teacher, Wendy supports and encourages all students to consider a daily spiritual practice and include energy work as an integral part of their wellness plan. She enjoys sharing with people the multitude of simple ways they can balance their body, mind and spirit and manifest the life they truly desire.

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